Vitamin Manufacturer

We are the leading vitamin manufacturer in the region with over two decades of combined experience. We believe that product quality and speed to market are two ways of distinguishing your brand from its competitors. Our unique position in the market allows us to make enlightening
discoveries to see what works and what doesn’t work. Although the landscape of the supplement industry has changed over the years, the foundation of our company has stood the test of the time. We’ve come a long way, growing from a start-up to a multi-million dollar company with connections around the globe. We have helped thousands of brand owners like you to bring their business to live successfully.

Why we are a popular Vitamin manufacturer

We only use quality ingredients that fully comply with FDA and GMP regulations. Secondly, we have highly specialized production
processes. Delivering exceptional products and use of a customer-centric approach are some of the ways we use to grow your business. When it comes to choosing a vitamin manufacturer, customer support should be your top priority. This is why we provide dedicated account managers to help you get everything you need during the production process. Besides that, the ingredients come with a certificate of analysis. We are able to help you
manufacture a variety of unique products than ever before. No setup fees are associated with any of our services.

Beneficiaries of our supplement products

The major beneficiaries of our products are the
retailers and resellers. Our key service benefits are;

· Manufacturing minimums of 1000 to 2000

· Turnkey service- we offer a full suite
of brand-building solutions which include packaging and graphic design.

· Testing- we take our products to third-party
laboratories. Other allergen-specific testing services are available upon

· Convenient and time-saving services – like
your vitamin manufacturer, we’ll offer industry-leading product turnaround
times that allows you to take your product to the market faster than your

· We offer high-quality products at
competitive prices. This ensures you make a reasonable income once you sell
your products to the end consumer.

Vitamin Manufacturer

Health benefits of our supplements from Vitamin Manufacturer

Supplements are not supposed to substitute for food.
They are considered the best option when it comes to balancing nutrition, particularly
if you have a job that causes you to miss meals. Some of the health benefits

· Ability to prevent or treat various
infections-they contain micro-nutrients that boost the immune system

· Facilitate body functions

· They are essential for the elderly who
need extra nourishment

· They speed up the healing process of

· Boosts the body’s metabolism and aids in
brain development

· Improves blood circulation and slows
down the aging process

Most of our supplements come from food-based
sources, so you can expect that your body will be able to absorb the nutrients
more easily.

Benefits of starting your own supplement business

You’re the one in control

You’ll be your own boss. This means you don’t have
to take orders from anyone. On top of that, you’ll be making decisions on your

· You’ll make more money

With the growth of supplement industry, many people
have turned to natural products as opposed to over-the-counter medications.
This opens the doors of making more money than you possibly could.

· Flexible lifestyle

Unlike formal employment, owning a supplement
business brings more flexibility necessary to raise a family.

· Business support

Once you open up a supplement business, we’ll offer
mentorship on how you can quickly grow your business.

The most effective ways of marketing your supplement

· Video marketing

Come up with a professionally produced infomercial and
then air it on television. If this proves expensive, you should have at least a
YouTube channel for your marketing campaign. Due to its visual aspect, this is probably what will take your brand to
the next level. It’s also important that you include a local celebrity in your
ads to endorse your products.

· Distribute fliers and brochures

Make your brochures and leave them at the reception
areas for gyms, spas, and salons.

· Banner ads and pay per click

Without driving traffic to your website, you’ll not
get the traffic you’re looking for. You should consider buying the banner ads
from those sites your customers frequently visit.

Why choose us as your Vitamin manufacturer

· High volume manufacturing capabilities-we
use the most innovative manufacturing equipment available. In addition, we
stock raw materials sourced around the world. Our high operational output is
made possible by the policies that govern our facility.

· State-of-the-art manufacturing equipment

· High output encapsulation equipment

· Customer service quotes delivered within
48 hours- this is because the raw material pricing is already known. No other
vitamin manufacturer can beat our delivery times.

· We guarantee a 4-week turnaround

· Our laboratories are organized for efficient vitamin manufacturer

We invite you to come and learn about our
manufacturing capabilities. Contact one of our sales representatives today!